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What GPA do you need to get into pharmacy school?



Study participants


The analysis planned to Have a breadth of comprehension regarding their pharmacists’ role. This included six governmental hospitals and one private hospital.


The interviews Data were collected via in-depth, face-to-face semi-structured interviews with the pharmacists using an interview topic guide that was developed based on a literature review (Table 1). The interview topic guide was reviewed by three Professors from the Kuwait University Faculty of pharmacy aspen and the principal investigator (a pharmacist) to enhance its content validity. The first part of the interview aimed to collect demographic details of the pharmacists and their practice site characteristics. The remainder of the interview topic guide was

designed to provide a broader description and comprehensive understanding on


The pharmacists’ role within the supply of TPN services from the hospital, perspectives on the Team approach to patient attention illustrated by NSTssources of advice PN treatment, remarks on the obstacles to pharmaceutical care clinic and Suggestions about the best way best to overcome these barriers and better their function in Patient attention. 


Throughout the interviews, the primary investigator (MGK) requested the

Participants open-ended questions to gain insights into their thoughts also to

Allow them to increase the topics they believed crucial.25 The interviews were Ran in English and so were stored at the pharmacists’ workplace (that the TPN Units ). Each meeting lasted for approximately 1 hour.

Ethical approval


Participants were assured of their anonymity and confidentiality of These

Answers. The Joint acquired ethical approval for the research

Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research of this

Science Centre, Kuwait University and Kuwait Institute for Medical

Specialization, Kuwait.

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