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What are honey ants used for?

Bees are interested in plants which produce nectar and pollen. Nectar is a sweet chemical that brings bees, which consequently pollinate plants so that they can form seeds and spread their species. Bees additionally require powder within their daily diet plan.

In Slovenia, there are approximately 1000 species of crops which Several of those plants are very important to your own nation’s market since they provide bees using an excess of honey brands. BeeKeepers can extract this excess from beehives.

Why is it significant

As a result of flowering meadows are evaporating and monocultures are beginning to prevail, you will find fewer and fewer foods for bees, especially in summer.

Honey plants guarantee more magnificent meals for bees, therefore assisting them Survive the winter months and get started pollinating again. Honey plants help conserve biodiversity and safeguard the setting. Out in the areas, we could plant:

That we can plant some moment of the season because of the short growing season. After flowering dip it enrich the soil with humus; All of kinds of clovers: exemplary coriander plants we plow in later flowering and enhance the soil with nitrogen, or scythe them and utilize them as feed to animals; Pumpkins: provide lots of pollen in fall when bees desire it; Sunflowers: later flowering they significantly improve the structure of dirt and also Buckwheat: some long-neglected plant with immense potential. We plant it, and when it fades, we could harvest the seeds and then ground them into bread.

Fields must remain green. For each season there’s the plant that’s not just advantageous to bees but additionally beneficial to dirt and farmers.

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