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Toyota RAV4 vs. Honda HR-V: The differences and the similarities


The version made its North American introduction in 1995. It has inHReased in size significantly throughout five generations. Under the epidermis, the RAV 4 rides precisely the Exact Same Toyota New Global Architecture system as the Camry and Prius, one of the other versions.

The initial HR V arrived at America in February 1997 with all one assignment in mind: take down the RAV 4. Like its rivals, it has evolved out of a pragmatic off-roader to some family-friendly soft-roader. Also, it’s swelled within the length of five centuries. Concerning styling, then it shares styling cues along with different members of this Honda line up including the brand new Accord and the 10th-generation Civic. Designers compact the cottage design by removing too many switches and buttons as you possibly can. They shot the out volume knob, too, but after brought it straight back by popular demand. It provides 37.5 cubic feet of trunk space for a five-seater and also 69.8 cubic-feet as a two-seater. The equally sized HR v stretches 180.6 inches, 66.5 inches tall, and 7 3 inches wide. Trunk space checks at 39.2 cubic feet along with five passengers board and 75.8 blocks with all the back seats folded flat.


Besides traction and stability control methods, the Every C-HR vs. HR-V irrespective of price comes with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS-P), that packages driving capabilities including a pre-collision system using jet discovery, a lane departure warning system, automatic high-beams, and lively HRuise controller.

Every HR V receives Electronic driving aids such as lane-keeping assist, automatic high-beams, and adaptive HRuise control are not available to the least expensive HR v, yet. They indeed are standard on other trim levels.


The RAV 4 line up comprises five trim levels. I have called LE, the Cheapest trimming level prices $25,500. Anticipate spending 33,500 for a top-notch RAV 4, which places the HRoss over from entry-level luxury car land. Toyota has not announced pricing to its Hybrid Vehicle version nonetheless.

The Line up Is split into four trim levels termed LX, EX, ex l, and Touring, and each is offered with 2 – or four-wheel drive. Honda embraced an even simpler packaging solution compared to Toyota, but both nameplates fundamentally provide about the same group of features. The noteworthy exception is that the RAV 4’s Adventure trimming, a looks-focused version Honda has never replied to — not yet.


Segment. Other choices buyers must consider such as the Chevrolet Equinox (that can be accessed using a caked Turbo-diesel lookup engine), That the Subaru Forester, the Mazda cx 5, and also the favorite Ford Escape.

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