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Navigating Aspen grocery story 

Aspen City Council on Tuesday voted 4 to 1 to ban plastic bags From both grocery stores in Aspen stores in the town and place a more 20-cent fee on newspaper bags.

The new law will take effect on May 1.

Councilman Derek Johnson has been the lone dissenter, stating that While he supports the diminishing waste, the ban doesn’t give people an option and it may cost the city money to implement.

At a Sept. 13 hearing on the issue, Johnson argued that a ban Are overly unkind on out of town tourists not familiar with regulations.

The council has been speaking about a ban or even a commission on Plastic bags for the last two years. It had been just a couple of weeks ago a projected 20-cent commission on paper, and plastic bags morphed into a potential ban.

That was after three council members voiced support for a ban. From that point, ecological officials in City Hall were instructed to work on a stronger law, which was presented Tuesday night.

But throughout the initial round of council remarks Tuesday, Councilman Steve Skadron compared the ban, suggesting it was a”feel-good measure,” and also did little to induce effect or be useful in the future.

Alternatively, he indicated going straight back to the 20-cent fee for plastic and paper bags, or institute an educational attempt very similar to the 1971″Keep America Beautiful” campaign that depicted that a screaming Indian with the inherent theme of”People start pollution. People can stop it.” The effort predicated on littering and has been hugely profitable. Skadron suggested that the same campaign on plastic bags could be just as effective.

But, once he understood that there wasn’t a clear majority To the council and the difficulty could be kicked farther in the future free of decision, he promptly supported the ordinance as presented.

Councilmen Torre had united him along with Adam Frisch, Too As Mayor Mick Ireland, who had earlier in the meeting, offered a compromise that entailed placing a 20-cent fee on plastic and paper bags for two years before the ban would take effect. Johnson encouraged Ireland’s motion.

However, It did not sit well with Torre, That Has Been a supporter of a ban but had been acquiescing to some fee to get motion on The contentious matter.

Frisch also didn’t support Ireland’s motion. In earlier public meetings, he also said he preferred a prohibit over a fee. He noticed that hundreds of authorities across the globe have already implemented a plastic bag ban, including the states of Bangladesh and Rwanda.

“The list of countries and cities that have done this is

Frisch added that the plastic bag prohibits with a 20-cent fee to the newspaper was a”nice sweet spot.”

Torre started the last Few adventures he has had with plastic Bags involved out them of rivers throughout the valley. He added that his goal was not to invade individuals of taking their groceries from the shop But to compel the hand of plastic handbag manufacturers to provide consumers an Alternative, like for instance a biodegradable product.

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