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Head to Head Comparison: 2019 Toyota Prius vs. 2019 Hyundai Ioniq

Love or loathe the hybrid, and few might argue It Is Icon of this green movement, also a sign of progress and even a version that shaped perceptions enclosing Toyota and also the auto market. It’s Been a punch line for comedians,

Polluted communities using”Smug” in Southpark, functioned as a Sure indication of this impending electric automobile apocalypse into petrolheads, and loyal transport for owners from Australia and outside.

Toyota’s hybrid started someplace in 1998, a Month or Two later, Honda’s Insight came in Australia. Honda has since ceased earnings of this petrol-electric car in Australia, while Toyota’s machine was a mainstay for just two years.

As Hyundai targeted the Volkswagen Golf GTI when Creating its i-30 N, the Korean manufacturer had the Prius in its landscapes when forming the Hyundai ioniq hybrid vs prius.






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You are shaping the Prius’ cottage. Eye-catching gloss white cut the controls and dash captures your focus, which turns into fundamental displays for the airconditioning and stereo nestled in just a natural, organic game which makes the Ionic’s cottage texture plain.

Essential driving info can be found at a letterbox screen at the Root of the windshield — you won’t find a traditional

Tool binnacle here. Just like Hyundai, Toyota Provides a Reasonable quantity of room from the front and back. Cargo distance between both is line-ball, together with Toyota asserting 457 liters of storage — just one liter more than Hyundai.

Everything You Receive

The Normal Prius rolls 15-inch brakes with 195mm-wide Tyres, treating clients to gadgets, for example, wireless phone charging, a 10-speaker JBL stereo, smart keys, and a head-up display and power adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support. Standard driver assists comprise autonomous emergency braking, lane passing awake and busy.

Cruise management systems to prevent crashes.

Clients Thinking about additional gear might cover an extra $7500 or even Therefore contact this Prius iTech, which includes 17-inch metals, leather-trimmed heated front seats with power driver modification, blind location tracking, and back crossover visitors.

Alert techniques.

Hyundai’s hybrid is not available yet, so we do not know precisely How far it can cost. However, we can declare Ioniq Hybrid Premium examples running trials in Australia include a nice amount of equipment as standards, such as autonomous emergency braking, busy cruise control, and lane keeping assistance techniques. Front and rear parking sensors combine a turning camera installed into an 8-inch touchscreen display fitted using Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and sat-nav works together side an eight-speaker stereo.

Other apparel features a sunroof, smart keys, and electronic dash Display, and ventilated and heated seats with leather trimming. Toyota affirms the Prius was having a three dimensional, 100,000-kilometre warranty while Hyundai provides a five-year, unlimited-kilometer warranty.

Under the bonnet

The Prius has a marginally more significant engine compared to its South-Korean Apparently, embracing a 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine rather than this Ioniq’s 1.6-litre unit.

Australian Prius cases unite a 72kW/142Nm gasoline engine With a powerful 53kW/207Nm electric motor and nickel-metal hydride battery an Elderly, more economical kind of energy proven in a massive variety of Toyota hybrids.

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