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Best Lombok tour guide

Lombok is a small island in Indonesia situated between the islands of Bali and Simbabwa.

Lombok is as much of a paradise as its neighbour Bali, especially for adventure junkies.

It is home to the second highest volcano after the active Mount Bali, the Gununj Rinjani.

This untouched expanse is only just being discovered by visitors.

Getting there

You can board a 30 minutes flight from the Bali international airport to the Lombok international airport. There are also domestic flights coming in from Jakarta, Surabaya and  Makassur.

Or else you can board the ferry either from Bali or Simbabwa. Alternatively there are express boats connecting these islands as well.

Things to do in Lombok


The Gunung Rinjani is sacred to its natives residing below in the valleys. Ascending its peak is a treat for those who love trekking. However, it is advisable only for people who are healthy. Hire some of the best Lombok tour guides from the Rinjani Trek Centre to help you through the meandering trails up to the top.

Those who are not accustomed to the hardships of trekking can stroll through the peaceful meadows, rice plantations, tobacco plantations and orchards.


Tracks magazine has titled the Lombok beach waves to be “The best waves in the world”. The best months to go surfing in these tides is from May to September but only as long as you are an experienced surfer.

In the remaining months, the surfing activities are shifted to the south coast of Lombok island. The waves coming in to this coast are suitable for all levels of surfers, irrespective of whether you’re an amateur or a professional.


Selong, Blanak and Kuta are some of the popular beaches of Lombok. Mawun is a swimming destination and Mawi is a surfing destination.

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