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2019 Honda Civic vs. 2019 Toyota Corolla: Head to Head


Concerning interior design, fabric quality, and total But, there is one massive advantage that the Corolla has over another streamlined: class-leading back leg room.

We are not Certain how they did this. However, Toyota Opens a Brand New Window. Managed to provide the backseat passengers of this Corolla enough leg room to presume they indeed are in a much larger car. With a critical 4 inches of legroom more compared to the at the back part of the Civic, the Corolla is the motor vehicle that anybody riding at the backseat will prefer. Nevertheless, the Civic continues to be pretty roomy for several occupants when compared with each car in its category, with the Corolla function as one exception.

One thing we enjoy about the interior of this Civic is That the digital signs from the dashboard cause you to feel as though you are at an even more expensive vehicle. The analog gauges from the Corolla are operational. However, the display from the Civic is only neater. Watch the 2019 Corolla versus civic versions available near you personally

There is a bit compromised on the interior of their Civic. However, The interior the Corolla may function as a reminder of its funding prices. In the event, you are thinking about carrying back seat passengers regularly, but the leg room from the Corolla can be a significant plus. Watch the 2019 Toyota Corolla versions available near you personally


The Honda Civic has two available engines as well as also the Toyota Corolla has only one single. A handful things both these cars have in common is they are both the front-wheel driveway and available with an automatic or manual transmission.

2019 Toyota Corolla Engines

In terms Of the performance and fuel market, both of the motors out there at the Civic gets got the Corolla engine overcome. There’s an ECO version of this Corolla, But that yields 30 mpg city/40 mpg hwy, nevertheless the turbocharged engine in That the Civic still includes those fuel market numbers beat while delivering substantially Better functionality.

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